Get involved

Volunteers are a huge part of Okiwi Passion. Various angels in the community have also contributed many hours and have a knack of turning up just when we need them most. We offer volunteering opportunities and internships.

Over the years we have hosted well over 250 wwoofers on the farm. They have come from afar, from Alaska to Finland, Germany to Australia, and have made an enormous contribution to the life of the farm. We usually have four wwoofers or interns helping out at any one time and they stay for a minimum of two months.

Pumpkin harvest and Wwoofers

It is a great exchange – in return for their hard work, we provide not only full board with really good, real food, but also training in organic gardening practices and a wide range of experiences on and off the farm. Many of our wwoofers have never baked bread before, or made homemade yoghurt, let alone planted and harvested such a wide range of produce (or swum with dolphins and fished off the rocks) and we often hear from them when they have returned home, saying they have persuaded their families to compost/have chickens/grow their own vegetables. Some have even started their own commercial gardens.

In the early days we took lots of short-term wwoofers and soon realized that those who stayed longer were more committed to the ideal of what we were doing and really wanted to learn about organic farming. We also had the chance to get to know them and spend less time on training as they became more familiar with the work. We now have a minimum two-month stay for wwoofers.

If you are interested in volunteering with us for at least two months, take a look at our Wwoof profile.

We’ve recently been offering 3-month internships for up to four individuals at a time, from August through to January. The internship is aimed at those who are seriously considering becoming commercial organic growers and want to get their feet wet. Interns have a higher degree of involvement in the farm, focus on a selection of crops, and are exposed to a wider range of activities. As time permits, they partake in workshops/teaching sessions in areas of interest.

If you’d like to find out more, take a look at the Internship Application Form and Okiwi Passion Internship Overview.

Pruning workshop with interns

Farm tours
If you’re simply interested in knowing more about the farm or visiting the nursery and gardens, feel free to stop by and walk around on your own for free (most days after 11 am), or make an appointment for a guided tour with us ($10 per person, min. $50).
Note: Children under parents’ supervision at all times, please.

You can find us at 10 Mabey Road, Okiwi.

Directions to get here:
Head to Okiwi; turn into Mabey Rd at Okiwi School; go ahead about 100 metres, drive over the little wooden bridge; then turn hard right down our long right of way. Keep going straight ahead about 500 metres until you get to our big grey shed on the left.