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Fruit trees

Okiwi Passion supplies a wide range of citrus and other fruit trees for gardeners on Great Barrier Island.

We have put in a lot of effort into researching varieties which:
(a) will remain healthy without the need for a disease control programme,
(b) will fruit well in our low chill, almost sub-tropical environment,
(c) have fruit that tastes GREAT!

We source our trees from reputable nurseries and propagate some varieties ourselves from local ”Barrier” trees. Most fruit trees, including citrus, need to be pre-ordered from our catalogues. We do hold a small amount of stock that we bring to the Saturday markets in Tryphena and can also be purchased at our farm in Okiwi.

Ordering fruit trees
Fruit trees
other than citrus should be ordered as early as possible in April and May (or even earlier!). Containerised trees will be available in May; bare rooted trees will be available in August. Please see details in the Fruit Tree Catalogue Introduction and Order Form document.

Citrus can be ordered anytime, we bring two or three shipments every year to Great Barrier.

So get yourself comfy and have a browse!

John_William_Waterhouse_-_The_Soul_of_the_Rose,_1903 (painting of a lady passionately smelling roses)Roses

Caity has a bit of a love affair with roses! This painting ”The Soul of the Rose” by William Waterhouse, says it all.

The roses in this catalogue are chosen for:
(a) their scent,
(b) the beauty of the bloom,
(c) recurrent/continuous flowering as much as possible.

If there is a rose you want which we don’t have listed, please do contact us so we can get it for you!


Comprehensive list of catalogues, instructions and order forms

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