Veggie boxes

Place an online order for one of our Veggie Boxes through our new online store!

From the garden to your table! All produce included in the boxes is grown on our farm. Most crops are harvested to order early in the morning.

We provide a weekly veggie box service most of the year:
Wednesdays from Easter through to Christmas;
Tuesdays and Fridays from Boxing Day to mid or end of February.

Boxes may be collected from Okiwi Passion after 11 am or delivered for an extra $5 per box.

Each box contains a selection of our seasonal produce, including fruit. There is also the option to purchase a fruit only box.

The boxes come in sizes to suit all budgets and needs. Which size you choose will depend on whether you are moderate or bigtime veggie eaters (which we hope you are!), or on what’s growing in your garden. You may choose to omit up to two items from the season’s offerings, and we will make up the value with other items; you may also request extra of any particular items (subject to availability); herbs are usually offered as an extra item. Extra items will be charged at their regular price as indicated on the website.

Veggie boxes usually receive the same produce but in quantities reflective of their value. Occasionally when we are short of particular items boxes may differ in their content. We plan box contents on a spreadsheet to make sure you are receiving at least the value of your box. At times of plenty, your box may well be worth far more than what you are paying for, as we would rather share the bounty than have it wasted!!

Box sizes
$25 box suits one to two adults [order]
$35 box suits a couple or small family [order]
$45 box suits a small group of adults or family [order]
$55 box suits a larger group of adults [order]

Delivery points
– any point along the main route North/South (no side roads, sorry)
– Pigeon Post
– either of the airlines at the Claris airport
– Medlands Bus Stop
– Tryphena Hall

You may expect to have your box delivered at some point between 1 and 3pm.