All our vegetable, herb and flower seedlings are raised by our team of plant lovers, using certified organic potting mix. To this we add extra certified organic fertilisers such as gypsum, dolomite lime, Soil Force rock dust blend plus blood and bone. And a generous dose of TLC!

We also inoculate our potting mix with beneficial fungi and bacteria such as Trichoderma, mycorrhizal fungi and nitrogen fixing bacteria, which in turn will colonise the soil. These protect the plants against soil-borne disease and improve their growth.

The Garden Store has been customised to enable you to pre-order plants for a desired time frame. Many varieties are available now; some will be available later in the season. This will be evident in the catalogue. 

All orders from the Garden Store will be delivered during the timeframe you choose, to your location of choice (chosen at checkout). We will notify you when they’re on their way! 

As you know, Mother Nature is boss, so in the off chance that they will be a week behind, we will notify you! 

Payment is required with your order. In the event we are unable to supply all your requirements, we will refund the difference to your bank account. 

We would be VERY appreciative if you would return our pots and punnets after your seedlings have entered their long-term home. We will most definitely re-use them plus it saves us lots of money!

You can drop them to us at:

  • the Saturday Market at Stonewall
  • At your local bus stop labeled ‘Okiwi Passion’
    • please not in a banana box because sometimes other folks pick those up)
  • or if you’re in Okiwi – leave them in our bamboo shelter at the end of the driveway! 

Contact us if there are any specific varieties you would like us to grow for you! We will do our best to supply you. 

If you have further questions, please reach out to us via either:

  • Our contact form 
  • info@okiwipassion.co.nz 
  • 09 4290 137