Boxes will be available Tuesdays and Fridays from Tuesday December 14 2021

We are only able to give a few of our repeat, long-term customers exclusive priority access to ordering produce boxes for this season. 

Ordering a single box example:

  • to order a single produce box for a specific date select your
    • What size? (Your preference)
    • How often? (Single Box)
    • For how long? (One Time Only) 
  • add on extra mesclun, herbs  and/or other produce items  to your cart as required 
  • you can also add other items from the website for the same delivery date
  • View cart > choose delivery mode (collect/deliver)
  • proceed to checkout
  • choose delivery location and delivery date at checkout
  • payment is required when you place your order (options Credit/Debit Card via Stripe)

Ordering several boxes / weekly subscription:

You may pre-order your boxes to be delivered on a regular basis for a set number of weeks or as an ongoing subscription. You may have them delivered once a week (Tuesdays or Fridays)  or twice a week. This is a great way to ensure you receive your boxes through the busy summer period. 

Once a week: Tuesday or Friday

  • Choose the following options
  • What size? (Your preference) 
  • How often? (weekly Tuesday OR weekly Friday)
  • For how long? (required number of weeks/ongoing)
    • add on extra mesclun and/or herbs to your cart as required 
    • you can also add other items from the website for the same delivery date
    • view cart > choose delivery mode (collect/deliver)
    • proceed to checkout
    • choose delivery location and first delivery date
      • Please make sure you choose the same day of the week i.e., a Tuesday for weekly Tuesday boxes!
    • payment is required when you place your order (options Credit/Debit Card via Stripe)
      • you will be charged for your first delivery on placement of order
      • from your second delivery onwards, your credit/debit card will be charged automatically
  • You can change your order if the unexpected happens (via My Account > Manage > Subscriptions)

Twice Weekly Boxes (Tuesday and Friday)

      • To receive boxes twice a week, simply add the desired Tuesday box to your cart and then your desired Friday box. 
      • The date you choose at checkout will be the date of your first delivery. 
  • You can change your order if the unexpected happens (via My Account > Manage > Subscriptions)

We offer two sizes of produce boxes, with the opportunity to add on mesclun, herbs and other produce that may be available. 

Larger boxes often have a greater variety of produce than the smaller ones. Size suggestions below are only guides; people all have such different eating habits!

Grazer $30 Produce Box: suits a single person or a couple supplementing their own garden  produce

Muncher $45 Produce Box:  suits a couple or family supplementing from their own garden

Feast $60 Produce Box: suits a household of around 4 adults

Banquet $90 Produce Box: suits a group of 4-6 adults

Revel $120 Produce Box: Revel in all the produce! This box gets plenty of everything we grow including special things we may have in season that no-one else gets!

There are a few ways people may want to order extras. Here’s how we suggest you go about doing so:

Add-ons with every box: 

Add your mesclun, herbs, etc. into your cart with the same frequency “How often?” as your boxes. We will combine them together on our packing and delivery days. You’ll choose the start date of these at check-out. 

Add-ons for a certain date: 

Come back to the shop at any time and purchase mesclun, herbs, etc. and choose your delivery date at checkout. If you already get a produce box, we suggest choosing the same day (i.e., Tuesday or Friday) so we can combine it with your box!  Choose “add to existing order on same day” at shipping. 

You can manage your Okiwi Passion orders through ‘My Account’. There you will see a list of all of your orders and subscriptions and can manage them as necessary. Some of the things you can do are as follows: 

  • Edit delivery date
  • Change omissions 
  • Manage size of box 
  • Suspend a delivery  (for example if you will be away for a couple of weeks) 
  • Cancel a delivery 
  • Change payment method 

Most of these edits are restricted by timeframes and need to be done 36 hours in advance of the next delivery. 


5PM Sunday for Tuesday box changes; 5 pm Wednesday for Friday box changes.

We will be charging a $10 admin fee for any manual suspensions we may have to do on your behalf. 

We understand that your produce box order needs to be flexible – just like schedules on Aotea! So, we have made adjustments for that to be possible through your account on our site. 

Should you need to suspend an order: 

  • Head to ‘My Account’ 
  • Choose ‘My Orders’ or ‘My Subscriptions’ depending on what you are trying to change (subscriptions are recurring orders)
  • Find the order you are looking to manage 
  • Choose ‘Suspend’ order if you are looking to skip a week (or multiple weeks) of your subscription 
  • We will be notified that you have suspended your order and won’t pack your box/order that week 
  • Your payment will also be suspended 
  • This suspension remains on your account until you return and choose ‘Reactivate’ 
  • Please make sure to reactivate your subscription 36 hours in advance of the next desired delivery! 

Should you need to cancel an order: 

  • Head to ‘My Account’ 
  • Choose ‘My Orders’ or ‘My Subscriptions’ depending on what you are trying to cancel (Subscriptions are recurring orders)
  • Find the order you are looking to cancel
  • Choose ‘Cancel order’
  • Prepping for box days is a large task so we need some lead time! Boxes must be ordered a minimum of 36 hours in advance. The website will not accept orders after the cut-off. 

    Tuesday boxes

    Friday boxes

    order by 5 pm Sunday prior

    order by 5 pm Wednesday prior

Boxes can be delivered on the main route north/south between Okiwi and Stonewall.

  • We have prearranged drop-off locations which will appear on the drop-down menu at checkout
  • We do not do door-to-door deliveries
    • If you are located on the main route and do not see your address, please send us a message and we will add it to the list!
  • Delivery for a single box or once weekly boxes is $7.50 per delivery
  • Delivery for twice weekly boxes is $5 per delivery
  • Collection from Okiwi Passion is free

Boxes being collected from the farm will be ready around 2pm. They will be placed in our  beautiful bamboo shelter at the end of our driveway.

We aim to have the boxes to their local destinations by 3 pm.  Please note, sometimes in the peak of summer, boxes will be arriving slightly later & we will notify customers of the delay.

If you have any concerns about a box not arriving on time please contact 

  • Caity 021-212-7153
  • Gerald 022-074-8545
  • Bree 022-037-4226
  • Okiwi Passion landline 09-4290-137


Our produce is packed for delivery in recycled banana boxes. ​ 

Please place your complete empty produce box with its clean liner bag in either Medlands or Claris bus shelters for us to collect and reuse.

We have finally sourced home compostable bags for our salad mix! These are made from PBAT and corn-starch and can be composted in a worm farm or cold compost heap.  However these bags are permeable, meaning that the salad will gradually wilt if stored in them. The salad will remain in good condition while in your lined produce box, so as soon as you receive the salad please transfer to an airtight container for storage in your fridge

Currently we line our produce boxes with plastic liners to retain the freshness of the produce  – in the heat of summer, greens that were harvested at peak freshness in the morning will wilt and become limp very quickly without some sort of moisture-retentive packaging. Which defeats the purpose of harvesting fresh to order! We lay a sheet of newspaper under the produce to protect the bag from any juices, so you can return your clean box liner with your banana box, so we can reuse them.

Note: we do not want partial boxes  ie just tops or just bottoms, nor damaged boxes, please dispose of these with your recycled cardboard collection.

If you are just visiting GBI and are trying to order a produce box, we will help you determine your closest pick-up location. Please send us a note via the contact form or and we will let you know what delivery location you should use.

Please contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ page, call us at 09 4290 137 or email us at