Manuka Honey Blend, 500 g


Jacques Bee’s local honey

MGO 185+

This honey is a real sweet treat! This honey is ethically sourced from happy bees.

Read more about Jacques Goussard and his bees

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Jacques Goussard of Jacques Bees

Now here is a “sweet” man, whose philosophy mirrors our own!        

Jacques is a passionate beekeeper who loves and respects his bees. That is why he harvests less honey than he could, to leave enough food for his bees’ wellbeing. The result is the bees have their own honey to live on through the winter and are never fed sugar water as a cheap substitute.

As a keen gardener he is constantly planting nectar and pollen plants on his property to sustain bee and bird life. He maintains the entire property without a drop of herbicide. We are proud to offer Jacques’ honey. 


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