Our seedling season is over until August! Check out the Garden Supplies for Bt - very useful to control caterpillars which can be a real nuisance this time of the year - and Dusk slug and snail bait- non toxic to birds and animals. (Last updated May 22).

Note that while Covid is circulating in our community, we will be making contactless deliveries  or plants can be collected from our bamboo shelter.


Our vegetable seedling varieties are chosen for their suitability to the season, growing conditions on Great Barrier Island, disease resistance and especially for their FLAVOUR! We have grown almost all the varieties in this catalogue ourselves. 

We grow traditional, open-pollinated heirloom varieties as well as F1 hybrids (usually for their increased disease resistance and production), always from untreated seed and organic where possible. 

Seedling Delivery – Our seedlings will be delivered on Mondays/Tuesdays only, or can be collected from the farm most days. We will be in touch to let you know when to expect your plants.


Herbs have to be just about the easiest plants to grow, and the great thing is that most of them are perennial. Here is a seasonal selection of herbs that do well on Aotea and will bring your meals to life! The list will be extended with  the season. Check in regularly to see what’s new!

Herb Plant Delivery – Our seedlings will be on Tuesdays only or can be collected from the farm most days. We will be in touch to let you know when to expect your plants.


Flowers not only feed the soul with their beauty, (and often incredible scent), they also provide much-needed balance in the vegetable garden, supplying nectar and pollen for many useful insects that will pollinate crops as well as help control unwanted pests such as aphids and caterpillars!

Flower Seedling Delivery – Our flower seedlings will be delivered during the timeframe you choose below. We will be in touch to let you know when to expect your plants.


Available in Spring only! We have increased the range of our popular herb and vegetable tubs – instant mini gardens of mature herbs, tomatoes, chili and lettuce – making it easier for visitors to be able to pick their own!

Pre-ordering preferred! We will have some on hand, but if you could order these well in advance that would be much appreciated

Mini Garden Tub Delivery – Our tubs will be delivered during the timeframe you choose below. We will be in touch to let you know when to expect them!

Tub Return Refund – You will receive a $5 refund for all tubs returned to Okiwi Passion!


Garden Supplies Delivery – Our garden supplies will be delivered on the date and location you choose at checkout.

Fertiliser, Dolomite Lime5kg$12.00

Dolomite lime is a natural mineral blend of calcium carbonate (lime) and magnesium carbonate.

Dolomite should only be used if you know you have a magnesium deficiency. Usually well-draining soils and sandy soils will be more susceptible to magnesium deficiency. Generally clay soils have plenty of magnesium, and dolomite should not be added to these soils as it can make the soil’s structure even tighter, making it hard to water and work.

Pest Control, Bt20g$5.00

Bt is the spores of the bacteria Bacillus thurungiensis. It is used to protect plants against caterpillar damage. It works by infecting the caterpillars that ingest it and killing them.

Bt should be sprayed on plants in the evening, as sunshine will deactivate it. Spray when you notice the white butterflies re-appearing or on noticing caterpillar damage. Use on brassicas, tomatoes (against tomato fruit worm and looper caterpillar), lettuces (diamondback moth caterpillars)

Pest Control, Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade)500g, 1kg$16.00$29.00

This Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is formed from the fossilised remains of fresh water diatoms, microscopic aquatic organisms. The particles of DE are very hard, sharp, and abrasive, yet highly absorbent, and dissolve in water.  The composition is  88-92% silica of which 99% is amorphous silica, and contains 15 minerals including phosphorous, sodium, magnesium potassium,  calcium, selenium, copper, zinc, iron, boron, chromium and manganese.  It has multiple uses in the garden.

(1) As a mechanical insecticide (not chemical) – meaning it simply acts as an abrasive against the exoskeleton of insects, causing them to dry out. We have used it very effectively against crickets which were making holes in our eggplants; it can be used for cockroaches, aphids (including root aphids), ants, earwigs and even wasps.

(2) against chook mites dusted in their house plus added to their water to get rid of parasites.

(3) As a fertiliser and foliar spray contributing  primarily silica but also trace elements as listed above. The silica is super helpful in strengthening plant cell walls and helping them resist disease and sucking pests such as the Psyllid. Crops absorb the silica,  and are therefore more nutritious. Silica is an essential nutrient for healthy, strong bones, teeth and hair, tendons and ligaments, and stimulates collagen production. Apply to soil or as a foliar spray mixed in water at the rate of 4 grams per litre or 500g per 200l (sufficient for one acre) every 10 days.

(4) as an animal feed supplement at 2% of the feed ration. It is very well tolerated by mammals, including humans.

Caution: Take care not to breathe DE dust into the lungs it is very damaging to the lining. Wear a mask at all times when handling.

Pest Control, Dusk Slug and Snail Bait400g$10.00

The active ingredient in Dusk is chelated iron. It is non toxic to mammals and birds, but will affect freshwater animals. This is a water-resistant commercial formulation that will remain active after rain. Apply sparingly as needed, around individual plants or around the border of the garden beds.