Pest Control, Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade)


This Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is formed from the fossilised remains of fresh water diatoms, microscopic aquatic organisms. The particles of DE are very hard, sharp, and abrasive, yet highly absorbent, and dissolve in water.  The composition is  88-92% silica of which 99% is amorphous silica, and contains 15 minerals including phosphorous, sodium, magnesium potassium,  calcium, selenium, copper, zinc, iron, boron, chromium and manganese.  It has multiple uses in the garden.

(1) As a mechanical insecticide (not chemical) – meaning it simply acts as an abrasive against the exoskeleton of insects, causing them to dry out. We have used it very effectively against crickets which were making holes in our eggplants; it can be used for cockroaches, aphids (including root aphids), ants, earwigs and even wasps.

(2) against chook mites dusted in their house plus added to their water to get rid of parasites.

(3) As a fertiliser and foliar spray contributing  primarily silica but also trace elements as listed above. The silica is super helpful in strengthening plant cell walls and helping them resist disease and sucking pests such as the Psyllid. Crops absorb the silica,  and are therefore more nutritious. Silica is an essential nutrient for healthy, strong bones, teeth and hair, tendons and ligaments, and stimulates collagen production. Apply to soil or as a foliar spray mixed in water at the rate of 4 grams per litre or 500g per 200l (sufficient for one acre) every 10 days.

(4) as an animal feed supplement at 2% of the feed ration. It is very well tolerated by mammals, including humans.

Caution: Take care not to breathe DE dust into the lungs it is very damaging to the lining. Wear a mask at all times when handling.


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