Pest Control, Neem Granules


Neem Granules are added to the soil at planting time to protect plants susceptible to the Green Vegetable bug (aka stinkbug/green shield beetle) eg tomatoes, beans, capsicums. It is absorbed into the plant and discourages the beetles feeding and if ingested, interferes with their reproduction. Use one generous handful per plant. For established plants, use the tines of a  hand fork or digging fork to make clean puncture holes in the soil about 15 cm away from the plant base and sprinkle the granules into the holes  and cover with soil. Repeat monthly when plants start to set fruit. There are reports that Neem Granules are effective against grass grub too, would be worth trying against bronze beetle. These Neem granules are sourced from Native Neem.



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Neem Granules


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